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pattern instructions

Can someone please tell me how to do this: With Purple and working over one strand of blue, hdc in third ch from hook.
What is working over one strand of blue? Am I just carrying the other color along until it's needed? Thanks


If you "carry" the color, it would show as a strand across the back.

Instead, lay the old color along the working edge.

For the hdc, using new color, yarn over hook, insert hook into the next st and under the old color, yarn over hook and draw up a loop, then yarn over hook and draw through all 3 loops.

The new color will wrap (front to back) around the old color, concealing it within the stitch.

Thank you very much!! I will attempt this new project.

I prefer the method described by craftsman and find that USUALLY the result is okay (and that is what your pattern calls for). But sometimes the contrasting color can show through the finished fabric. Purple and blue should not pose a problem, but if you have a big color contrast, try a sample and see if your colors are such contrasts that peek-throughs are glaring. If they are, strand across the back. If not., work over the contrasting yarn.