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Snowboarder hat

The pattern I am trying to follow says to join ear flaps: Turn work & cast on 19 sts. Turn back & knit across 25 sts. from 1st ear flap. Turn work & cast on 8 sts. I have not encountered this term "turn work". It is done in stocking st. It is a Bernat pattern. Could you possibly explain please?
With much appreciation, Arlene


When one turns work, it means to stop knitting in the direction you are used to, turn the work around and (in this case) cast on those stitches. Then, you would turn and go back the way you were going originally. Sometimes turning like this will leave a small hole in the work, so you may wish to slip the next stitch to the right needle, place the yarn into that opening, slide that stitch back onto your left needle. This is called a wrap and you can pick it up with that stitch when you come to it again.

Do hope I've made sense for you. If not, perhaps someone else can respond with a better definition.

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

I just happen to be trying the same pattern and am also confused about how to join the second ear flap.

The pattern is Bernat "Easy Snowboarder Hat" (free pattern from the store # 99000600282) also on their website.

Not sure at which point of knitting directions to actually join the flap that is left on the spare needle?

Were you able to figure it out Arlene?


For those confused on what to do about joining the ear flaps, I have two suggestions. One suggestion is to blindly follow the pattern instructions. Sometimes doing what a pattern tells you to do step-by-step will get you where you need to go. We can run into problems trying to "overthink" what a direction is telling us or not working the steps unless we fully understand what we need to do.

For those who need to understand what has to happen before they can continue, my second suggestion is to work from the following concept.

For an ear flap hat worked from the bottom to the crown what you will be doing is knitting on flap, leaving it on a spare needle or waste yarn while you knit the second flap. Once you have finished the two flaps what you will be doing is adding stitches to create the remainder of your hat edge -- stitches for the front and stitches for the back. In between the stitches for the front of the head and the back of the neck, you will be placing your two ear flaps. The stitches from your ear flaps plus the stitches for the front of your hat and the back of your neck will give you the total number of stitches you need for the body of the hat. After you have worked the body of the hat to the desired depth, you will start decreasing down for the crown.

For ear flap hats you do not have the same number of stitches for the front and the back of the neck. I find that the setting aside about3/6's or 1/2 the stitches for the front, 1/6 of the stitches for each of the two ear flaps and about an 1/6 of the stitches for the back of the neck gives you about the right proportions for this style of hat. If the ear flaps are wider, there will be fewer stitches for the front of the hat.