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Pineapple tablecloth pattern

I am looking for a round Pineapple Tablecloth pattern, it has a pinwheel in the middle and then it has rows of chains and then it starts the pineapple.

It was printed in a magazine in 96 or 97 and I don't remember which one it was. I do have a picture of the one I made before if anyone wants to see it.


Why don't you supply a picture? Maybe if we can't find the exact pattern, someone might be able to link you to a similar pattern or a couple of patterns that you could rig-jig together.

You can use the Photo bucket site to download a picture and post the address for us to give a look at the pattern that you need.
That pattern is out there somewhere > so if you can post the address that we can try and help you !
God Bless you in your search and this board ! Amen
Mother Hen <><

Dear Mother Hen 1: I, like you, could not find this pattern; However, after searching much, I found one at http://www.craftown.com/crochet/pat3.htm. It has many errors beginning with the number of Knit-Cro-Sheen balls - I am on the 3rd pineapple (beginning) and not too far from the beginning of the 4th one and am on the 20th ball of 21 initially ordered from JoAnn's Crafts because that thread yardage is 225 yards and not the 250 yards requested in the pattern. I thought 21 would be enough, but. JoAnn's crafts was out of stock on the white color and just got a new supply. I will order another 15 balls just to make sure I do not run out. I originally wanted the ecru, but settled for white because in Feb of this year ecru was out-of-stock...Anyway, after that the first error was on round 9 where it said there were 44 shells, really 88...If you already made this tablecloth once, as I did once, you will be able to wing your way through the errors...or perhaps this website will be more accurate and hopefully they will print it for both of us, as I would like a better pattern that is 100percent accurate.

JoAnn had the balls available at $1.39 for a while, but now they're $1.99. OK by me, I'm just glad that white is available again.

By the way, at this point I have no table, but I want to buy one when the tablecloth is ready and say, "find me a table to go with this." I love this pattern too.

Good luck, Yolanda B