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New and need help

hi everyone,

i would like to learn how to crochet a hat(s) of all sizes.

can someone please direct me to a video to show me how to do this project?

thank you very much

I just want to be sure I understand your question. Is it safe to assume that you know how to crochet? Are you looking for a pattern for a hat that can be adjusted to fit a variety of head sizes?

You can find lots of free hat patterns by doing an internet search. Other posters might share their favorite crochet pattern sites. I do more knitting than crochet so I'm not as familiar with crochet pattern sites. Lion Brand is one site that has a lot of both crochet and knit patterns and there may be a free crochet hat pattern at this Craft Yarn Council site.

Do you know how to crochet? If so there are lots of hat styles at

(This is a charity site, so make an extra for a chemo patient.)

www.crochetpatterncentral.com has a lot of hats as well.

If you don't crochet yet, do a general search on "crochet basics" or something like that. There are many sites that have good illustrations and many that also offer video instructions. I have looked at a few and they all seem okay. Choose the one that looks clearest to you.

If you prefer learning from a book, try Leisure Arts "I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting." It's available at any craft store and is relatively cheap. It's well-illustrated and comprehensive. Coats & Clarks also publishes a small-format beginner's crochet book and I think you can get it at Walmart as well as craft stores. Your local library can also supply beginner instruction books.

no i do not know how to crochet.

but i want to make a hat.

There are directions on how to crochet on this Craft Yarn Council website. Go to the Learn to Crochet/Knit link. You can also search for other websites that have information on how to learn to crochet, as well as view videos on YouTube.

If you are uncomfortable with these methods of learning, you could see if there is a big box store in your area such as Michael's or Hobby Lobby where crocheting is taught, or if there is a senior community center where some who knows how to crochet will be willing to show you. Once you learn how to crochet, there are lots of places to look for patterns on how to make crocheted hats.