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bind off shaping

First time making a sweater. Instructions for the back reach"bind of seven stitches at beg of each row for the next four rows." How do I do this and no strand the yarn across the vback of the sweater as I continue. I am working with circular needles in a St st.

Thank you.


Bind off 7 stitches at the beginning of the row, then work the row to the end. Do this 3 more times. Each time, the row will be a bit shorter, and the shoulders will take shape. What's left in the middle is the neck. This results in a sort of stair-step effect. For a smoother decrease, slip the last stitch of the previous row, then slep it again while doing the bind-off. If this last part is too confusing, ignore it. Good luck!

At this time, even though you are using circular needles, aren't you knitting flat - that is back and forth? If not, then did you create steeks for your armholes? Even so, I would work the remaining few rows back and froth.

If you are working flat, then what you do is on your first shoulder shaping row you start by decreasing 7 stitches, work the remaining stitches for your back and then turn your work. Now start row 2 by decreasing 7 stitches and work the remaining stitches for the back. Turn you work again, start Row 3 by decreasing 7 stitches and then work remaining stitches on the needle. Turn work again and start Row 4 by decreasing 7 stitches and then working remaining stitches on the needle.

Thank you both. My confusion began when I realized that I would be stranding the yarn across the back of the 'binded off" stitches. Is this correct?