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Unravel last and first 3 stitches on Scarf??? Help!!!

I have made a scarf that says ......last line knit 3 , bind off 12 sts, fasten off. slip off first 3 and last 3 sts for making loops....unravel first 3 and last 3 sts along entire length of scarf???? I knitted the 3 and bound off the middle 12 and slipped off the first 3 and last 3 sts......but cant understand what they mean by unravel the first 3 and last 3 sts for the loops down the scarf. It is on the patons website........I am baffled and asked other knitters and so are they. I have seen the scarf on a women and the loops are down the 2 sides of the scarf. thank you