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Unravel last and first 3 stitches on Scarf??? Help!!!

I have made a scarf that says ......last line knit 3 , bind off 12 sts, fasten off. slip off first 3 and last 3 sts for making loops....unravel first 3 and last 3 sts along entire length of scarf???? I knitted the 3 and bound off the middle 12 and slipped off the first 3 and last 3 sts......but cant understand what they mean by unravel the first 3 and last 3 sts for the loops down the scarf. It is on the patons website........I am baffled and asked other knitters and so are they. I have seen the scarf on a women and the loops are down the 2 sides of the scarf. thank you


Work the first three stitches then bind off the remaining stitches except for the last 3. After you bind-off your yarn so that those 12 stitches you bound off won't unravel, just start pull apart the first 3 and last 3 stitches. as they unravel, they create long loops which will be the front of your scarf.

On another board a poster suggested that after you unravel to create these long loops, you knot then on the end by the edge of your scarf so that the adjacent stitches don't get distorted. If you had worked the 4th and the 4th before the end stitches as twisted stitches you probably wouldn't need to do the knotting but if you used a very slipper yarn, such as a rayon or tencel yarn, you might want to do the knotting as extra insurance.

I still dont understand this.....but thanks for the reply......do you pull the first stitch at the end and then go into the 2nd stitch and the 3 rd stitch??? how does it get on the sides???? the loops are at the sides and all the way down?? i tried but just got a long stitch right where the stitch was and not going down....this has me competely puzzled.

I still am confused on this part of the knitted scarf...if anyone can figure this out, i would be grateful ......asked 2 knitters and they dont know either..

Obviously you wouldn't want to experiment on your finished scarf so what I would do is make a mini sample. Then after you bind off the middle stitches, slide the end stitches off your needle. Start pulling on the loops so that the yarn unravels. Keep doing this with these stitches stitches and what you will be doing along both sides is unraveling long loops of yarn which will form your fringe.

Finally I had a great knitter to show me how to do this......it was easy...when you know how and see it done........i started on the inner stitch of the three that was slipped off. Just pulled on it and then went to the next stitch and pulled on it and finally the last of the 3 and pulled on that one and the unraveling was done.....each row done.......had to be careful not to get the 3 sts tangled.....thank you all