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Bernat A-Line Jumper in book #530186

I am stuck on page 16 of this pattern where it says "Work 3 rows even in pat." I am confused what it means and have tried several attempts to moving forward, none of them are matching up. Any help would be much appreciated. This is a gift and need to get it done :) Thanks


These are standard instructions which basically mean to work the stitch pattern you have already established without increasing or decreasing any stitches.

For example, if you are working in hdc and had complete some increases or decreases, you now work hfd over all your existing stitches making sure that you are neither adding to or decreasing down on your stitch count.

So, work 3 more rows without adding any more. Is that correct?


Thank you so much. Now maybe I can get it done :) Have started it over 3 times thinking I counted wrong somewhere! Lol

Have tried to make this jumper 3 times and the pattern becomes confusing on the second increase line. I took the pattern to a friend that has been crocheting for over 20 years and we still could not figure it out. All is good in the pattern until the second increase line...then it does not match.

Could someone please relook at this and let me know how to fix the pattern?

Thank you.

Perhaps you could provide the actual instructions for the first and second decrease rounds. Since it's a pattern published in a booklet, most posters to these forum boards probably do not have the pattern.