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help finding a pattern/directions

I found directions in my aunt's things for a potholder. It starts as a rectangle and by folding and stitching it becomes a square. HELP. Here's what I have: Chain 40.Single Crochet down one side of chain and up around the other side. Keep going for 18 rows. Stop between start of chain and first row, leave quite a long tail of yarn, and fold the two ends together in the middle and close neatly. ??????????? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I just feel that some of the directions are missing.


I think you will find that this pattern is what you want:

I have made a couple of these with various leftover cotton yarns, and found it interesting. I would recommend sticking with natural fibers.
Good luck, and let us know how you do with it.

Your directions are having you make a rectangle from the center out -- with the center being your foundation chain. You start by working down one side of the foundation chain, I would do 3 stitches in the last stitch then work down the other side of your foundation chain. Keep working around and around doing 3 stitches in each of the stitches that you designate as corner stitches.

When the rectangle is as wide as you want your potholder to be, work down one of the long sides until you are at the midpoint where the fold line will be when you fold your rectangle in half. Cut your yarn with a long enough tail so that you can start sewing your potholder closed.

Instead of sewing, what I would do is when I reach the half-way point, I would fold my rectangle and then I would start either slip stitching or doing sc's through the two layers joining them together. Close up the three open sides of in this manner and now you have a 2-layered potholder.