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Pattern explaination: What is 3 sc in ch?

if I have 15 chains:

and they tell me to make 1 sc in 13 ch, then 3 sc in 1 ch, 1 sc next 12 ch, 2 sc in next ch.

I have two questions, what is the 3 sc in 1 ch? and after the 3 sc in 1 ch, do I turn?


This is probably a typo. ayou should makeyour first sc in the third ch as for the 3 sc in ch that just means to sc 3 times in the same ch.

Doing 3 sc in 1 ch means make three single crochet stitches into one chain. Make your first sc into the chain, then make another sc into the same chain and then a third sc in this chain.

Are you making something like a bootie or bag that starts with an oval shape? If so, after you complete the 3 sc in 1 ch, you will continue working on the other side of your foundation chain. In other words, don't turn your work.

When you finish with this round (rnd) you will have gone around both sides of your foundation chain and be back where you started.