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Hi, I am making motifs and am having trouble joining them. I don't know what stitch to start at. It has a single crochet edge all around and 3 in each corner. When I am joining them I seem to be getting a big bump when I try to join more than 2 motifs. Where do I start and end to join?



Mother Hen 1 wrote 4 years 9 weeks ago

Joining Sites -

Try some of these sites for Joining >>
Some may not be in service > just select and see what may be in operation !
These are the sites I have in my files, see if you like any of these Joining.
Others will give their ideas !!!!


Joining Squares
Main site
Choose Joining Squares near the bottom of the page >

Joining pieces and a Whip stitch.

Mother Hen

Knit Joining PLus

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