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We're back on track...

As several of our loyal site members have noticed, yes, we have been attacked by spammers and we blew it because we were very late in responding to your posts/e-mails. We have now blocked many names/words used by the spammers, as well as a range of IP addresses. We've also deleted a large number of spam comments. Unfortunately, it's an ongoing battle, and it's likely that we will be attacked again. I know many have said that this never happened on the old site but today's spammers/bots are light years ahead of where they were just six months ago. That said, we are prepared to take other countermeasures should the need arise. We've added a SPAM button on this and other pages at the site to make it easier for you to e-mail the Council's office, plus we have instituted a new monitoring policy to prevent the proliferation of spammers' posts in the future. Thanks for your continuing interest and participation.