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Estimating yardage of a ball of yarn by weight

I was gifted a ball of yarn, but don't know the yardage. Is there a formula to calculate the yardage based on weight of ball and type (light worsted to worsted) of yarn?

The most accurate way to measure the yardage of your ball of your yarn would be to measure off a length -- say 10 yards -- then weigh it. If you have a scale that can accurately measure very small weights such as a McMorran balance, you could measure off just a yard.

Worsted weight yarn rounds around 200-225 yards/100 grams. The fiber can make a difference since yarn is usually heavier than wool so that the same weight of cotton would be expected to give less yardage than the same weight of wool. I have also found that merino wool tends to provide less yardage for the same weight -- it could be because most of the merino yarns I have worked with are tightly twisted.

If you happen to have an idea of what the yarn is, you might check a site like Yarndex.com to see if you can obtain yarn information.

Also, keep in mind that the official US measure for yarn is weight so yardage is actually an approximation.