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Yarn twists and curls up (Beginner question)

I just went to my very first knitting class yesterday, and I'm practicing this morning. I have a problem, though, because the yarn between my knitting and the skein is getting all twisted and curled up. Eventually, this is going to become a real mess. What am I doing to make it do that, and how can I prevent it? Thanks.


I put my yarn in a plastic container and it can move and twist smoothly.
If I hold it on my lap or beside me > I have to keep working the twists out.
When you go to the next class > the teacher should be able to show you some of their TIPS.

Some yarns work twisty and sometimes it is how the individual knitter knits. Which is the greater culprit you won't know until you've had the opportunity to work with different yarns. If there are others in your class using the same yarn experiencing the same problem, I would guess its the yarn. If everyone is using the same yarn and you are the only one with the complaint, I would guess it's your technique.

Hold your yarn by the skein and lift it high enough that you can let your knitting dangle and slowly untwist on its own. As your work progresses, you can put your skein in a baggy like Mother Hen suggests then hold you knitting up high and let your skein slowly untwist.

Ok, I'll try putting in something to allow it to move freely. Does it help if you roll the yarn into a ball rather than leaving it in a skein?

Is your yarn in big loops and you are working it straight off the loops? If so, it may help to roll it into a ball. If your yarn is wound into a lozenge shape, to me that is simply a variation of a ball and I don't think it will make any difference.