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Knitting Magazine

I was sent a phamplet via snail-mail from Knit Simple magazine to see if I wanted to subscribe. Does anyone know if this magazine has patterns that would be good for beginners (I basically know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, K2TOG, increase and decrease). I mostly have been making scarves. Basically I was wondering if I should bother subscribing.......thanks!


I believe you can find this magazine at Joann's, Barnes Noble, Borders, and Michael's.

Although I think that you have the basic skills to tackle any pattern than interests you, you may want to look through this magazine first to decide whether or not you like the designs. It doesn't matter that you think you would be able to make something if you don't like it.

true. Thanks, KT, and for letting me know I may be able to find this at one of the bookstores or craft shops. I'll check there first.