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Mile a minute pattern help!

I'm having trouble understanding the pattern when it comes to the edging. The afghan is worked in rows across instead of oblong. The edging instructions are...
Rnd 1: Ch1, turn; sc in each st and in each ch across to last dc,2 sc in last dc; (have up to here.. this is where i'm stuck) 2 sc in first row, 3 sc in end of each row across; working in free loops of beginning ch, 2 sc in first ch, sc in each ch across to marked ch, 2 sc in marked chain, remove marker; 2 sc in first row, 3 sc in end of each row across, sc in same st as first sc; join with slip st to first sc; 512 sc.
I think once I understand this first round, I'll be able to figure out the rest.
When the pattern mentions a marker... the only marker the pattern called for was on the beginning chain. "Ch24 loosely, place marker in fourth ch from hookk for st placement." If i continue moving down the strip for Rnd 1, the marker is on the opposite side of my work.
Please help... I think i'm making this more difficult than it really is.
Thank you,


As I read it, it sounds like they now want you to work on the other side of your foundation chain, just like you work an oblong by working both sides of the foundation chain.