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How do i knit a circle?

i searched the website and lots of links but i'm still clueless on how to knit the top of a ski cap i've been making. i need to knit a circle to attach to the band i've already knit as the base of the hat, but i have no idea how to do it or if i need round needles to make it work. can somebody please give me some simple, easy-to-read instructions for a beginner on how to knit a round piece with straight needles? oh, and not a hollow circle of course but a coaster-style type deal. i need help!


As I understand what you are saying, you have already knitted a band that will be the portion that will go around the head and you are now trying to figure out how to knit the top part of the hat.

You will need either double point needles or a longer circular needle which you could use with the magic loop technique.

Since you have already knit the band for the hat, I suggest that you work your circle from the outside in. Many hats will divide up the stitches into 7 or more sections of decreases to make the center. The more sections you use for your decreases, the more like a circle your center will appear. You will also need to take into consideration how many rows your band has and the weight of your yarn.

Once I decide on the number of segments, I would then pick-up enough stitches along the edge of my band so that the pick-up line doesn't pucker, that will meet my segment numbers. Suppose I decide on 10 segments and I want to start with 10 stitches per segment so I would pickup 100 stitches along the edge of my band.

Once I pick up my stitches, I would place a marker so I know where my round begins and then join so I will be knitting circularly. I would knit the first round. Then on the second round, I would k8, k2tog -- this totals 10 stitches. Work all the way around. Then I would knit another plain round. On my second decrease round, I would k7, k2tog -- this totals 9 stitches, then work another plain round. I would keep alternating decrease rounds with plain rounds, working one fewer stitch per segment -- k6, k2tog, then k5, k2tog, then k4, k2tog, etc., until I'm down to 10 stitches. I would then probably would k2tog all the way around until I am down to 5 stitches. Break my yarn then threat this yarn through the 5 loops (I would probably thread through twice), pull tight to close up the center.