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what is bavarian crochet?

Has anyone heard of bavarian crochet? I tried searching on the internet but I could only find how to books. I would like to know how it's done but I don't have the money right now to spend on a book.

Thanks for any information


If you are on Ravelry, there was some discussion about this. From my quick review, it seems that it's related to/based on the "wheel stitch?" Pretty blanket on the cover of the book. If I decide to do more crocheting again, I need to check this out.

I just received my Annie's Attic catalog today and they had a guide for Bavarian Crochet for sale. This is the same as a pattern that is on Ravelry called "The Wool Eater Blanket" by Sarah London. It is a free pattern there and there are plenty of beautiful pictures available. I tried it out about a month or so ago and did a potholder, just wanted to try out the pattern. It is a nice pattern and I would love to do something a bit bigger eventually.
Good luck!

I did the rug featured on Annies Attic but I knew it as Raelenes Reversible Hungarian Rug. It is beautiful in any colour combination. There are only two rows to the pattern and at the end of the second row the wool is cut and restarted on the next two rows. I had only learnt granny squares which I found boring but had no problem once shown how to do the pattern. I could send you the pattern in the hope that someone could help you understand it. Once you catch on it is so easy. I have given the pattern to many friends.

Hi! I too saw the Bavarian crochet in Annie's Attic catalog
There is a video to watch on Youtube that will show you how
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x745ZeNbVFM Click on this and it will take you ther
There is a second part to it there also. It is a really interesting stitch!