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working 1 more dc between ch-1 space


should i dc twice into ch-1 space

It is difficult to answer you question without knowing what instructions preceded the directions you posted. If you could provide a link to the pattern that would be great but if not, you will need to provide instructions for at least the row before.

hi ,thanks for getting back to me .the pattern is lazy days of summer from knit and crochet today. pattern reads row 9 ch-3 dc in first 3sc (ch1dc in next 4sc) 9 times turn 49 sts.l o.k so i dc in 4sts. ch-1 dc 4sts ch-1 to the end. Row 10 ch-1 (sc in each dc to next space) 9 times o.k i sc in all sts. 49sts. ....Row 11 -22 work as in rows 9 and 10 working 1 more dc between ch-1 space in each Row 9-109 sc at end of Row.. this is my question, do i dc x2 in ch 1 space? if so why wouldn`t it say 1 more dc in ch-1 space ., also last row is sc to end no ch 1 spaces . ti dc into.

As I read what you have written out, you have sets of dc's and you have sets of Ch-1 dc's, correct? If so, then the way I read the instructions that are confusing you, you would add another dc to the sets of dc's thereby increasing stitches every row until you end up with the 109 stitch count. I think if you added a dc in every ch-1 dc combination, you would increase at too fast a rate.

If this doesn't make sense in light of what you are making, you may need to seek clarification from the publisher or designer.