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Bernat Softee Chunky / Bernat Chunky Mans Hat and Scarf Set

Ch 27
Foundation: (RS). 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 1sc in each ch to end of ch. Turn 26sc.

1st Row: Ch 3(count as dc). Miss first 2 sc. *(1dc.Ch1.1dc) in next sc. Miss next 2sc. Rep from * to last 3sc. (1dc.Ch1.1dc) in next sc. Miss next sc. 1 dc in last sc. Turn

In the pattern for 2nd Row: It says Ch 1. 1sc in each of first 2dc. *1sc in next ch-1 sp. 1sc in each of 2 dc. Repeat from* to the end of row. Turn.

Rep last 2 rows until work from beg measures 48ins[ 122cm] ending with a 2nd row. Fasten off.

Now with all of this pattern being said, how can I chain 1sc in next ch-1 sp.
2Nd of all how can you explain to mean in Easier translation what REP LAST 2 ROWS UNTIL WORK FROM BEG MEASURES 48 INS ENDING WITH A 2ND ROW!!
I don't understand it at all. Also is this particular scarf start of narrow then expands at the end ? hm I'm just c Help please :) Ps I frog this over and for some reason its feels flat and not right!!!!


"how can I chain 1sc in next ch-1 sp."
In the previous row you did a dc, ch-1, dc. This created a ch-1 space. To sc into a chained space, I take my hook to the front of the chain, that is, bring it between me and the chain. I then use the hook to grab my working yarn from behind the chain so that I'm wrapping my stitch around the chain. Then I complete whatever stitch I am making. In this case, I will draw my yarn through the two loops on my hook to complete the sc.


When you reach this point, you will have worked 3 rows. The first row which consisted of working sc's in the foundation chain. Then you had row 2 with the dc, ch-1, dc, and then the third row with the sc into ch-1 spaces.

Rows 2 and 3 are the "last 2 rows" of your instructions. You will repeat these two rows until your work is 48 inches long. The last part, "Ending with a 2nd Row" is ambiguous to me but I would probably end with the instructions for Row 3.