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understanding a pattern

at the end of row 2 pattern says; turn-6ch-2sps & at the beginning of row 3 pattern says; ch5. the turn-6ch-2sps is not clear to me . i thank you in advance


Is there anywhere on your pattern that explains these instructions? Could it be a typo and what was intended is a ch-2? If this is a published pattern, have you looked to see if there is an errata page on the Internet for it?

i am making candi jensen's crochet checkerboard square. the end of rows 2,3 and 4 are unclear. row 2 ends; turn-6ch-2sps, then beginning of row 3 says ch 5.  row 3 ends; turn-7ch-2sps, then beginning of row 4 says ch3. row 4 ends; dc in 3rd ch of turn ch-5, turn. then it goes back to the beginning of row 2 which says ch3. i have looked on the errata page. any help is appreciated thank you