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Need Pattern help for Bernat Pink Camo Hoodie 99000600425

I am honestly stumped on how to do the hood.  I got to the following instructions and am unsure what to do.  if anyone can lend help it would be appreciated.
Hood: With RS of work facing, join yarn with sl st to top right front corner. Ch 1. 1 sc in same sp as sl st. Pat across right front, (1 sc. Ch 1) 25 times across back. Pat across left front.Cont even in pat for 8 (-9-9) ins [20.5 (21.5-23-23) cm], ending with a WS row. Fasten off.Sew top seam of Hood. Sew side and sleeve seams.


You are working around the neckline edge starting at the right front corner, working the right front neckline, then working along the back neckline and finishing along the left-front neckline.  Since you are starting with the right front, you would be working with the right side of the piece facing you.