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how do you get the v shaped stiches on both sides of kniting?

I'm kniting a scarf,I am using the knit purl to get the v shape on one side of the scarf. I saw someone elses scarf today and I saw that it had the v shape on both sides of the scarf... how would I be able to do that.


To get a smooth V on both sides of your scarf, you need to have it be a two-layered scarf.The simplest way to do this would be to knit a scarf twice the width of what you want, fold it in half and seam it up.You can also knit in the round and make a tube for your scarf.Because of the structure of knitting, you cannot create a single layer fabric that is smooth on both sides.

Slip the first stitch on each row.  Doing that will leave a smooth V at each side of the scarf.