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making rectangles shapes

Need to make a rectangle shape. Already know how to make the square.


What kind of rectangle do you want to make?  If it's just straight crocheting decide if you want to start with the long or short side of the rectangle and continue going until you've reached the side you want.  You can also do  this from the center out by determining how much longer you want the long side to be over the short side.  If you want the long side to be 6 inches longer than the short side, then make a chain 6 inches long, crochet all around the foundation chain -- like an oval.  Mark your 4 corners, then on your second round, with a stitch, chain 2-3 and then work another stitch into each corner.  On your 3rd round, do a stitch, chain some stitches, and another stitch into the chain space you had made in each corner on the previous round.If you are asking how to make a granny rectangle, here is what I would try.  Begin just as for a square granny but when you work your first set of stitches into the center circle, I would add groups of stitches in increments of 2 -- that is 2, 4 and maybe up to 6 stitches.  So if you start your square granny with ch-3, dc 2 then (ch-3, dc3) 3 times and end with a ch-3 slip stitch into top of first ch-3, I would work the (ch-3, dc3) two, four maybe up to 6 times depending upon how much longer I want the long side of my rectangle to be, and how much space I have in my circle, not to wrinkle my up start.  Probably 2 extra times would work best.On Round 2, I would do my corner and then work my groups of dc (or sc or whatever stitch you are doing) twice if I added just two more repeats on the previous round, make a corner, make a 3rd corner, then work my stitches twice more before doing the 4th corner.  You've begun to establish a long and short side.