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Bernat Blue and White Blanket - issues with pattern instructions

I just started with a Bernat blanket knitting pattern. I am having difficulties understanding a couple of things:
Question: I am difficulty understanding what you are supposed to do with MK because, it seems, I am losing stiches by doing P2tog AND K2tog. I would assume you need to keep 181 sts but with MK I don't see how. Thanks for clarifying!
STITCH GLOSSARY MK = P2tog without slipping sts off needle, then K2tog over same sts.
INSTRUCTIONSWith MC and smaller needle, cast on 181 sts. Do not join.Working back and forth across needle, proceed as follows:Knit 5 rows (garter st), noting that first row is WS.
Change to larger needle and proceed in pat as follows:1st row: (RS). With A, knit.2nd row: P1. (MK) 90 times.3rd row: With MC, knit.4th row: (MK) 90 times. P1.These 4 rows form pat.Cont in pat until work from beg measures approx 42 ins [106.5 cm], ending on a 2nd row of pat.


You should not be losing any stitches with the MK.Insert your needle tip as if to p2tog.  Wrap yarn around needle tip, draw through the loops of the 2 stitches you are purling together but leave those 2 stitches still on the holding needle.  When you draw your yarn through these two loops, you will have added a new loop to your working needle.Now, take your yarn back BETWEEN the two needle tips and insert your working needle tip into the same two stitches you just purled together but this time insert your needle tip as if to k2tog.  Wrap your yarn and draw it through these two loops again.  This time, you will drop the two loops from your holding needle and you will have added a second loop to your working needle.  You took two stitches and you create two new stitches so there should be no decrease and there should be no increase -- just the same stitch count.