Check out some of the best knitting accessories you can buy

Blog post contributed by Knitter's Pride


When knitting a project, accessories are sometimes just as important as the needles themselves. They make our work easier and some are a must for certain projects. At Knitter's Pride, you will find a wide range of accessories for crocheting and knitting. In this post, we'd like to introduce you to some of Knitter's Pride's most popular accessories.


Smart Cords

Knitter's Pride's Smart Cords differ from normal circular knitted cables because the Smart Cords can also be used as rulers. While knitting, you can use the markings to measure how long and how big your project has already become.



Knitter's Pride's Cords come in all different sizes and many in beautiful colors. At Knitter's Pride, you are sure to find the right cords for your projects. The elastic and flexible cords can be easily connected to your needles and thhis way, there are no gaps that disrupt your workflow.


Rainbow Knit Blockers

Each knitted piece only unfolds its full beauty after it has been blocked. For this it is important to have good knit blockers. With the colorful Rainbow Knit Blockers from Knitter's Pride, you will be able to block your projects very gently and easily.


Aqua Sock Blockers

Blocking socks has never been easier. Simply put the socks on the plastic foot and the rest will take care of itself. Be sure to have a look at the Knitter's Pride Aqua Sock Blockers.


Row Counter Clicky

When you knit or crochet, you have to concentrate on counting the rounds and rows of your project. With the Knitter's Pride Row Counter Clickly, simply click the Clicky on the row counter after each round and you will never forget or skip rounds again.


Folding scissors

As fiber artists, we need scissors for a lot of our work, and these scissors are special. As the name suggests, the Knitter's Pride Folding Scissors are foldable, reducing the risk of injuries at the tip - a safe and useful tool for every knitter and crocheter.


Knitting Project Cases

Knitter's Pride's has a selection of one-of-a-kind contemporary canvas cases that are great for storing all your knitting tools and accessories. Check them out on the Knitter's Pride website.


Stitch Markers

A lot of fiber artists have stitch markers in abundance because without these little helpers, we wouldn't know where the beginning and the end of our projects are. Whether for knitters or crocheters, the Knitter's Pride Stitch Markers are a must have. They offer many different kinds of markers, so check out their diverse range.


Tape Measure

With the Knitter'ss Pride Teap Measures, you can easily measure the size and length of your projects. With their wood look, these are not only chic, but with the button in the middle they can also be tidied up quickly. Take a look at Knitter's Pride's tape measures in different models.


These are just a few of Knitter's Pride's accessories for crocheting and knitting. Knitter's Pride manufactures a wide variety of hand knitting needles, crochet hooks and related accessories. These products are offered in a variety of materials to work with all types of yarns. From smooth metal to warm bamboo and wood, you’ll find a knitting needle that feels just right in your hands. Knitter's Pride has been privileged to provide knitting and crochet tools to the US market for over 10 years.