Cool Projects

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Where to Start: Rectangles and Squares

A perfect first knitted or crocheted project is a Warm Up America! afghan section, a 7" by 9" rectangle, which can be joined with others to complete a blanket and then donated. From such basic rectangle or square shapes, you can create any number of fun projects. Take that same Warm Up America rectangle, fold it in half, sew up the bottom and side and you can make a case for your cell phone. If you have a small iPod or MP3 player, make a smaller rectangle.

photo of knitted squares

If a 7" by 9" project is a too ambitious and time-consuming project, consider a long skinny rectangle, which could make an ideal bookmark. Larger rectangles and squares make great looking hats, bags, or animals, and if you keep on knitting or crocheting you can design a cozy wrap, shawl or throw. The design options are limitless and check out the projects below!

Crochet Projects

crochet curly tie photo
Curly Ties
hairband photo
Crocheted Hair Band
ribbed wrist or hair band photo
Ribbed Wrist or Head Band
crochet jewelry bags photo
Jewelry Bag
halloween masks photo
Halloween Masks
crochet finger puppet photo
Piggy & King of the Jungle Finger Puppets

Knit Projects

knit himbugs photo
Humbugs: What are they?
knit wrist and head bands photo
Knitted Wrist or Head Band
knit frog photo
Froggy Finger Puppet
knit green scarf photo
Loopy Scarf
knit surround bag photo
Knit Purse

Crafty Yarn Projects

craft halloween bag photo
Halloween Decorations
craft keychain photo
Backpack Charms
craft pen pals photo
Pen Pals

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