Jewelry Bag

chalkboard with 'Cool Projects' written

photo of Crocheted jewelry bags
It's in the Bag. Fill this crocheted pouch with precious jewels, potpourri or whatever suits your fancy.


  • 1 oz. image of yarn with 3 Light on it yarn (sport-weight yarn)
  • Size 5mm/H-8 crochet hook


Ch 4, join with a slip stitch (sl st) to form a ring.
Rnd 1: Chain 1, 8 single crochet (sc) in ring; do not join, mark end of each round (rnd.).
Work in back loops only beginning with Rnd 2.

Rnd 2: [2 Sc in next sc] 8 times-16 sc.
Rnd 3: [2 Sc in next sc, sc in next sc] 8 times-24 sc.
Rnd 4: [2 Sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc] 8 times-32 sc.
Rnd 5: [2 Sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc] 8 times-40 sc.
Rnd 6-15: Sc in each sc around.
At end of Rnd 15, join with a sl st in both loops of next sc. Now work remaining rnds in both loops.
Rnd 16: Ch 4, skip next sc, [dc in next sc, ch 1, skip next sc] 19 times; join with a sl st in 3rd ch of ch-4.
Rnd 17: Ch 1, [2 sc in next ch-1 sp] 20 times; join to first sc. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Make 2 twisted cords starting with a 3-yard length of yarn for each. Weave each through ch-1 sps of Rnd 17 in opposite directions.
Knot ends of cord together, trim ends.