Pen Pals

Whimsical Pencil Topers

Penpal is a fast, fun and easy project for kids of all ages. Follow our instructions or create some fun creatures of your own!

photo of penpals

Here's what you'll need:

4-ply acrylic yarn, pencils, tape measure, glue, scissors, ribbon to tie around neck.

General Instructions For Head and Body:

Cut a 6" square of firm cardboard. Pull yarn free from the center of skein and wrap 50 times around board. Slide yarn off board carefully. Gather bundles together and tie together close to one end. Cut through folds at opposite end. Now, flip the yarn so that it covers the tied ends.
Tie about 1" - 2" from top of yarn, hiding tied ends and forming head. Don't tie real tight as the pencil will need to be pushed up through the neck. Cut pattern pieces from appropriate colors.

Finishing:line drawing of instructions for head and body
Once you have the face done, gently push the pencil inside the head and tie around neck. Trim ends evenly.



One skein brown yarn, one pair 5mm wiggle eyes, one 1/2" beige and one 1/4" black pom pom, one 4" square dark brown felt and a scrap of red felt, glue, scissors, tape measure, pencil, ribbon to tie around neck.

Work the body following general instructions. Glue the 1/2" pom pom to head for muzzle, glue the black pom pom to center of muzzle. Glue the wiggle eyes to head just above muzzle. Glue the tongue about 1/4" below nose. Glue straight ends of ears to top of head and finish as in general instructions.



One skein black yarn, one pair 8mm wiggle eyes; two 1/4" black, one 5mm black pom poms, scraps of black and pink felt; ribbon to tie around neck,scissors, pencil, tape measure, glue.
Work the body following general instructions. Glue two black pom poms together and glue to face for muzzle, glue the 5mm pom pom to center of muzzle, glue tongue below muzzle. Glue ears to top of head about 1/2" apart.
Finish as in general instructions.



One skein Christmas Green yarn, two 1" green pom poms, one pair 15mm wiggle eyes, pencil, ribbon to tie around neck, one red chenille stem; scissors, glue, tape measure.

Work the body following general instructions. Glue two green pom poms near the top of head; glue a wiggle eye to each pom pom; cut a piece of red chenille stem 2" long, curve it and glue to frogs face so it has a big smile.

Finish as in general instructions.



One skein white yarn, scraps of black and orange felt, 12" each of red, blue, yellow and green yarn or 12" each of cerise (red), caribbean (blue), lilac and yellow yarn.

Work the body following general instructions.

graphic for snowman
To make body, smooth yarn along pencil. Tie the bottom, catching as many strands as possible. Glue straight strip of black felt at edges to form circle, glue along edge of circle on one side and set in middle of black felt circle to make the hat. Lay aside to dry. Glue buttons on body. Glue eyes in place. Put glue on short edge of nose, separate strands of yarn on the face, insert nose for carrot effect.

Choose color combinations, knot both ends of 4 strands of yarn for scarf. Glue generously top of head and place on hat. Push the bottom edge up gently to form body. Trim bottom edge if necessary.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these instructions. We cannot be responsible, however, for variances in individual techniques, human errors or typographical mistakes.