July 27, 2021
Happy Place With Tommy Schafer
Tommy Schafer is a fiber artist who dabbles in knitting, dyeing, sewing, spinning, and cooking. They grew up encouraged to participate in process-based hobbies and throughout their life, they've been blessed to be surrounded by family and strangers who have helped them cultivate their interests. They pursued a quantitative biology degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, followed by graduate school in Chicago, IL for public health and epidemiology and...
June 22, 2021
Happy Place With Monica Garcia
Monica Garcia is a macrame artist and is the founder of Monica's Porch, based out of Austin, Texas. She first started selling her peices in 2019 to raise money for a trip to Hawaii. While she was in paradise, she kept getting messages for orders and found herself more engaged with dreaming about this potential new business than with her trip. She enjoyed the rest of her vacation and returned home refreshed and with a new perspective on what she wanted to do;...
June 01, 2021
Happy Place With Krissy Mahendran
Krissy Mahendran is a fiber artist who specializes in macrame. Near the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, she discovered her love for macrame and all of the amazing things that can be made with knots and yarn. Since then, she's been crafting macrame decor and accessories through both comissions and original pieces as the maker behind A Knot Story. She sells her work but also hosts workshops for those wanting to learn the skill of macrame and find joy in creating their own orignial...
April 20, 2021
Happy Place With Anna Hall
Anna Hall is a fiber artist specializing in crochet Amigurumi, hats, scarves, and more. Anna is inspired by her tiny curio cabinet, which is the centerpiece of her art and what she uses to display her Amigurumi creatures. Anna is also a crochet pattern tester and recently started writing her own patterns, which can be found on her website.   
April 13, 2021
Happy Place With Margaret Stauffacher
Margaret Stauffacher is the knitter and designer behind Whimsy North. She was born and raised in Minnesota and now lives in Wisconsin with her husband and children. She learned to knit when she was six years old from her mom and since then, she has been on a mission to create knitting patterns that are fashion-forward and something you want to wear or display in your home. You'll find free knitting patterns on her blog and helpful knitting videos on her YouTube channel!...
March 30, 2021
Happy Place With Cassie Arnold
Cassie Arnold is a fiber artist who received her BFA in Visual Art Studies from the University of North Texas. She has spent the last decade teaching in both private and public secondary schools and has showcased her work in numerous Fine Art Shows and exhibitions around the United States and Europe. Her current body of work explores the unspoken and taboo topics connected to life as a woman. Whether it be inspired by miscarriage, breastfeeding or the transformative female form,...
March 23, 2021
Happy Place With Birdie Alaniz
Birdie Alaniz, aka @bobcatandbirdie, is a fiber artist who specializes in the art of latch hook, specifically creating latch hook patterns and kits. She sells BYOY (bring your own yarn) latch hook kits on Etsy that allow you to customize your own latch hook design using the colors of your choice and the yarn in your stash. Along with latch hook, she also dabbles in embroidery and digital art and we think her designs are a fun, colorful mix of 90's nostalgia and RGV (Rio Grande...
March 16, 2021
Happy Place With Zanny Cox
Zanny Cox, aka Zanny Adornments, is an artist who creates handwoven fiber art and handcrafted jewelry. Zanny draws on her multicultural heritage and history to influence her art practice. She acknowledges the significance of preserving the historical element of her craft and aims to continue this dialogue in her pieces. Her work is an approach to ancient craft with a modern aesthetic, a tangible expression in the boundaries of art, culture, and fashion. Every element of...
March 09, 2021
Happy Place With Jenae Goode
Jenae Goode is a weaver from Dallas who transitioned from science teacher to full-time weaver a few months into the Covid-19 pandemic. Through her Etsy shop Goode Weavings, she creates original, handwoven tapestries and custom orders inspired by nature, lanscapes and color. One of her goals is for her pieces to reside in every state in the U.S. and so far she has hit fifty percent of her goal! Jenae also offers weaving classes to share her skills...
December 15, 2020
Happy Place With Andrea Fischer
Andrea Fischer (she/her) is a midwestern yarn lady living in Denver, CO. She makes use of her BFA in photography from UWEC to take portraits of her yarn sculptures. By utilizing her experience with rug making and fine art, she transforms the existing shapes of household objects with her self taught tufting techniques. Andrea’s color pallet is constantly evolving alongside the use of recycled materials. She is constantly challenging herself to cover her house in yarn.  
December 08, 2020
Happy Place With Sharon Chow
Sharon Chow is a physical therapist by day who likes to get a little crafty at night. In 2019, she stumbled upon a weaving loom at a local garage sale. Since then, she's been hooked on creating her own woven wall hangings to share with the world! She loves getting creative and designing each wall hanging as she goes, making each piece one of a kind. Her wish is that her weavings will bring happiness to any room they're hung in.  
November 17, 2020
Happy Place With Cristina Ayala
Cristina Ayala is a graphic designer and fiber artist. She grew up in Monterrey, Mexico, where she got a BA in Graphic Design from Universidad de Monterrey. After working for several years in local advertising agencies, together with her sister, they founded their own design firm "Stelier" in 2010. That same year, she moved to Dallas, TX. Four years later — while living on the East Coast — with her innate talent, creativity, and curiosity, she started learning weaving and knotting...