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Crochet Accessories

Crocheted Ripple Beret & Scarf
Who said ripples are only for afghans? For this warm scarf we've combined the texture of the popular ripple stitch with alternating rows of color. The beret is worked in the round.
Tibetan Hat - Crochet
This season's fashion statement in headgear can be crocheted in one evening.
Jewelry Bag - Crochet
It's in the Bag! Fill this crocheted pouch with precious jewels, potpourri or whatever suits your fancy.
Lacy and Lovely Crochet Scarf
Featured in Family Circle Easy Knitting
Purse - Crochet
Here's another fun Make It QuickTM project-a crocheted bag. Watch for them on magazine fashion pages as a "soft" alternative to leather. You'll be delighted at how comfortable they are to wear and easy to create

Crochet Afghans

Baby Zoo Afghan
You'll have baby cooing with this charming collection of animals. They're crossed stitched on a crocheted background. A multi-color picot edging is the perfect finishing touch.
Cascade Crochet Afghan
This afghan is a beautiful accessory for your home--especially during the colder days of the year. Use it also as an accessory for yourself--to keep you warm and cosy.
Crochet Trellis Afghan
Beautiful textured stitches accented by cross-stitch flowers make this crocheted afghan a family favorite. Create five strips, join them together and embroider. A perfect companion to both formal and informal decor.
Desert Canyon Crochet Afghan
Bring a touch of the Southwest into your home with soft desert colors and geometric motifs. Aptly called, "Desert Canyon," the afghan is crocheted in strips which are joined together.
Galaxy Afghan - Crochet
Hexagon-shaped motifs are arranged to create an explosion of color in this month's Crochet project. Add warmth and texture to any room with the Galaxy Afghan.
Popcorn Ripple Crochet Afghan
Add a touch of warmth to your favorite chair this fall with these inviting Crochet Popcorn Pillows, October's Crochet project of the Month. The popcorn stitches create a wonderfully textured design.
Medallion Crochet Afghan
This beautiful throw looks woven but is actually crocheted in afghan stitch, using an afghan hook, which looks like a long crochet hook with a knob on the end to prevent the stitches from slipping off. Because afghan stitch creates a grid-like pattern, it is ideal for cross stitch embroidery.
Primrose Path Crochet Afghan
Granny square panels and embroidered single crochet panels are combined to make this beautiful tradition afghan.
Rainbow Waves Afghan - Crochet
As pretty as a rainbow, our Rainbow Waves Afghan will add light and color to any room. Single crochet stitches are worked into the rows below the working row creating a wonderfully textured "V" pattern. Follow our color combination or make up your own. Click on the picture for a larger view.
Reversible Log Cabin Crocheted Afghan
The popular log cabin quilt pattern has been adapted to yarn to create this colorful afghan. It's a great blanket for children when worked in pastels or for a more sophisticated look choose a deeper color palette.
Star Bright Crochet Afghan
From a distance, this brightly colored crocheted afghan looks just like a quilt. Use deeper yarn colors for a rich, sophisticated look.
Stars & Stripes Crochet Afghan
Pattern courtesy of Annie's Attic
Swedish Embroidery Crochet Afghan
Crochet is combined with Swedish embroidery in this stylish afghan. The textured Moss stitch is the perfect background for the Swedish weaving technique.

Crochet Baby Apparel

Crocheted Preemie Cap
Baby - Stripe Up the Band! set
Your favorite baby will be ready to go visiting in this attractive 4-piece crocheted outfit. Sweater, soakers and bonnet with matching blanket will have friends and family cooing...
Spring Baby Crochet Outfit
When you are stepping out with your baby, here's the perfect outfit. The coordinating sweater, hat, soaker, booties and blanket are all crocheted.

Crochet Home Decor

American Flag Crochet Potholder
Cozy Cottage Popcorn Pillow
Add a touch of warmth to your favorite chair this fall with these inviting Crochet Popcorn Pillows, October's Crochet Project of the Month. The popcorn stitches create a wonderfully textured design.
Crafty Crocheted Baskets
Fill these wonderful crocheted baskets with fall fruits or use them as decorative accents, selecting colors that match your décor. They are definitely Make It QuickTM patterns. You work with 6 strands of yarn and a large hook.
Crochet Screen
Create this elegant screen panel for privacy or as a room accent. The pieces come together to set a room apart. It's stylish and offers you the opportunity to impart your signature to the design.
Crocheted Tie Backs
Use basic crochet stitches to fashion this richly textured curtain tieback. Combine yarns with pearls or other embellishments.
Hearth Rug - Crochet
Richly textured Pineapple motif is adapted to a floor rug. Adds warmth in front of the fireplace or makes a practical addition for kitchen and bath.
Hot Stuff hot pads
When plates are filled with hot, steaming food, protect tabletops with these handy hot pads. Fast and fun, the hot pads are crocheted in rug yarn for thick, heat-proof protect.

Crochet Men's Apparel

Fisherman's Crochet Pullover
It's a classic, it looks great, and it's warm. This handsome, richly textured pullover features fisherman-stitch patterns adapted in crochet.
Late Night TV Sweater
If you are the fastest crocheter in the world like Lily Chin, this might only take you an hour to make. However, if you are an average crocheter, it will probably take an evening or two! It's a perfect project to crochet while watching late-night TV!!!

Crochet Toys

Finger and Lion Puppets
The following basic pattern is used to make either the Pig or Lion Finger Puppet or any other creature you can dream up!

Crochet Women's Apparel

Crochet Fall Shawl
Crochet Shrug
This hot fashion item can be worked up in a weekend or a few evenings. Two strands held together and a giant hook make it quick and there is absolutely no finishing.
Crocheted T-Shirt
Perfect for transitional dressing, this white T-Shirt looks especially crisp with the red crocheted borders. Boat-neck and mid-arm sleeves are nice details that make this a natural for late summer, early fall dressing.
Crochet Triangle Fashion
A perfect summertime cover up, the trendy triangle head scarf is all the fashion rage. You can Make It Quick!, combining different yarn colors, like our granny square version, or make it a solid color.
Crocheted Vest
A perfect addition to your fall wardrobe this attractive, long vest can be worn for work or play. Here's a surprise: the instructions are written in plain English, with no abbreviations.
Double Crochet Shrug
It's a Wrap
For those cool summer evenings, take along this lacy, fringed shawl to keep you warm. Work the triangle-shaped shawl in graduated colors as shown, one color, or any combination of yarn colors that strike your fancy.
Fringed Shawl
Crochet it during lunch, fringe it during tea and toss it around your shoulders at dinner to stave off the evening chill.
Mesh Crochet Shrug
Poncho - Crochet
It's the cover up that everyone's asking for: the poncho. What's extra special about our version is smart shaping: it's crocheted from the neck down, and the pattern is offered in a long or cropped version. The new soft acrylic yarns work especially well for this pattern.
Progressions Shrugs
Progressions is a pattern line designed to help you to master basic knitting and crocheting techniques and complete a fun project at the same time.
Spring Crochet
From the pages of Family Circle Easy Knitting comes this easy cardigan. Alternating rows of single and double crochet, combined with simple shaping will make this cover-up a favorite addition to your wardrobe in luscious lavender.
Summer Coverup Shrug
It drapes like a shawl, but it's actually a shrug, crocheted with two strands of worsted weight yarn on a Q hook. Have fun crocheting this Make It Quick pattern: for a tweed look, blend different solid colors or variegated shades, and for added texture, mix a brushed yarn with a smooth.
Vest - Crocheted
A perfect addition to your fall wardrobe this attractive, long vest can be worn for work or play.

Knit Projects

Knit Accessories

Curly Wrap Knit Scarf
Wrap up all your cares and woes with our Curly Wrap Scarf. The ends curl in naturally, creating a tubular look, perfect for wrapping!
Green Loop Scarf
Designed by Annabelle Speer
Jane MIY Shawl
Knit Kerchief
For summertime or anytime, this quick-to-knit kerchief is all the fashion rage. Make one to match every outfit and for more spice, embellish your finished kerchief with colorful embroidery.
Knit Purse with Crochet Edging
Ladder of Life Socks
Knits managing editor Ann Budd designed the Ladder of Life Socks to honor the men and women who work to save lives in our communities during times of need, not only during national crises like the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, but every day. We hope that you will join us in a rally of appreciation by knitting them for your local firefighters and/or other rescue workers.
Purse - Knit
Here's another fun Make It QuickTM project-a knitted or crocheted bag. Watch for them on magazine fashion pages as a "soft" alternative to leather. You'll be delighted at how comfortable they are to wear and easy to create
Short and Sweet Knit Scarf
They are all the rage: short, narrow scarves, that look great with a sweater or under a jacket. And you can Make It Quick! with two strands of worsted-weight yarn. We used two variegated yarns to create these wonderful color combinations in our models but why not try combining a solid with a variegated yarn for a terrific tweedy look.
Swirled Ski Cap
(courtesy of Caps for Kids)

Knit Afghans

American Flag Machine Knit Afghan
The 13 stripes and blue background for the stars are done in stripes and intarsia respectively. The stars are duplicate-stitched after the flag has been knitted. This pattern includes two options for finishing: a hem (or casing) on both top and bottom (through which you can also insert dowels to hang your flag) with a backwards crochet at the ends. Or you can work a backward crocheted edge around all sides (in either gold or the flag colors).
Note that this pattern requires having two Sweater Machine beds bolted together since you will need 192 needles.
Knit Stencil-Like Afghan
This geometric-inspired knitted floral afghan is at home in the city or country. It's challenging ­ you'll work with bobbins ­ and the floral motifs are created with duplicate stitch.
Lacy Pyramid Knit Afghan
Triangle design motif is repeated to give this elegant afghan a subtle texture. The pattern looks complicated but once you master the pattern stitch, it will be easy knitting!
Patchwork Knit Afghan
Worked in neutral colors, this Make It QuickTM afghan is the ideal throw for a favorite chair or sofa. Change yarn colors to those of your favorite football team and you'll be the hit of the stadium crowd and probably the warmest! The entire afghan is knitted with 2 strands of a color worked together.
Pineapple Knit Afghan
This pineapple-inspired design, the symbol of hospitality and belonging, makes an attractive addition to any home and a very special heirloom.
Swedish Embroidery Knit Afghan
Design on design creates this richly textured afghan. First, you knit cable stitch panels and then using two strands of yarn, weave yarn through the nubs to overlay a design.

Knit Baby Apparel

Baby's First Ensemble - Knit
Wrap your favorite baby in this easy-to-knit (honest!) ensemble. In May we featured the all-in-one piece sweater embellished with french knots, and this month we complete the outfit with matching cap, booties and blanket for a look that every fashionable baby will want to show off this spring!
Baby's First Sweater - Knit
Baby's First Sweater is easy to knit because its all in one piece. Sew the underarm and sleeve seam and you're done. Embellish with french knots and a ribbon tie. (Corrected Version!)
Heirloom Knit Baby Blanket
Welcome a new baby with this beautiful knit Heirloom Blanket. Shell panels are joined together to fashion this lacy baby afghan that will be treasured for years to come.

Knit Holiday Ideas

From the Heart Knit Stocking
Featured in Family Circle Easy Knitting

Knit Home Decor

Fisherman Pillow
It's a classic. Traditional fisherman-stitch patterns are adapted to create this handsome pillow, October's Knit project of the Month. Perfect on your favorite sofa and large enough to use as a floor pillow.
Floral Knit Pillow
Add a splash of color to your home with this quick project. The knitting is as basic as it gets (2 squares) and you can express your creativity (and use up odds and ends from your yarn pile and button collection) in the simple embellishment.

Knit Kids

Yellow Duckling Child's Knit Pullover
Look what fun knit fashions we just hatched for your favorite youngster.Bright yellow ducklings are ready to play and so will every child who slips on this cheerful knit pullover.

Knit Men's Apparel

Knit Classic He'll LOVE
For cool mornings or late afternoon tennis, nothing is as comfortable and practical as this knit tennis vest from Family Circle Easy Knitting. Classic cables are accented by cranberry and butterscotch color bands at the neckband, sleeves and ribbing.

Knit Toys

Elspeth© Doll
Elspeth is worked in stockinette stitch (knit on the odd-numbered rows and purled on the even numbered rows). Elspeth's sweater is worked in Fairisle knitting, which means there is more than one yarn color in a row. The sweater pattern is charted, which means there is a graph (each square of the graph represents one stitch). In each square is a symbol telling the color in which that stitch is worked. You carry the unworked yarn behind the stitches, on the wrong side. Feel free to work the doll in your own color choices.
What are Humbugs? Whatever you want them to be! They look like 3-D triangles.
Knitted Frog Finger Puppet
The following pattern is used to make the frog puppet or any other creature you can dream up!

Knit Women's Apparel

Berry Pretty Knit Vest
Fun vest dressing for Spring. Strawberry motifs, applied with duplicate stitch, add a colorful touch to this sporty black and white striped vest.
Black and White Knit Pullover
It's a challenge, but this pullover is a knock out! Follow the charts to success to complete this black and white beauty.
Cable Knit Turtleneck
Checker Knitted Pullover
Have fun alternating blocks of color to create this classic knitted pullover.
Gold Knit Shrug
Grape Knit Shrug
Knit Cardigan Jacket
The fashion adage: Classics never go out of style, best describes this knitted cardigan jacket with contrasting collar and pocket trim. Perfect for the office or an evening out.
Knit Fall Shawl
Knit Shrug
An ideal first project. Large needles and three strands held together produce almost instant results and there are only two small seams to sew.
Multi-colored Knit Shrug
Openwork Shrug - Knit
Progressions is a pattern line designed to help you to master basic knitting and crocheting techniques and complete a fun project at the same time. Throughout the patterns, there are helpful links to diagrams and instructions. If you have a question, simply click on the link. When you are finished, close the link and return to the pattern.
Pink Knit Shrug
Plush Pullover
Two strands of chenille yarn, which is soft and drapable, were used to create this Make It Quick knitted pull-on top. All you do is knit two squares and join side and shoulder seams to complete. It's sooo easy!
Poncho - Knit
It's the fall cover-up everyone's asking for: the poncho. What's extras special about our version is smart shaping—it's knit from the neck down, and the pattern is offered in a long or cropped version
Quick & Easy Garter Stitch Top
It's so easy to knit our Garter Stitch Top. Create two rectangles and join them along the side seams. To make it easier for beginners, we did not use abbreviations in the pattern.
Progressions Shrugs
Progressions is a pattern line designed to help you to master basic knitting and crocheting techniques and complete a fun project at the same time.
Progression Knit Shrug
Springtime Cardigan
Flattering V-neck cardigan is the perfect springtime coverup with its graceful collar and garter edges. It's knit with three strands of double knitting worsted weight yarn on Size 15 needles. It's fast and easy!
Stockinette Shrug
Tulip Pullover Sweater
With snow and ice falling all around us, this Tulip Pullover reminded us of Spring. The tulips, which decorate the front and back of the sweater, are knitted in following the chart at the end of the pattern.
Vest Dressing - Knit
Brighten up your winter wardrobe with this knitted striped vest. Fun to wear and easy to make.
Warm and Wonderful Knit Cardigan
Knitted with double strands of yarn on large needles, this classic cardigan looks great and keeps you warm.