Desert Canyon Afghan (Crochet)

Shades of the Southwest

desert afghanAfghan measures approximately 48" x 69"


  • 4-ply Worsted Weight Acrylic Yarn:

    • 7 oz. of Tan (CA),
    • 28 oz. of Off White (CB),
    • 24 oz. of Peach (CC) and
    • 20 oz. of Lt. Haze Green (CD).
  • Crochet Hook: Size H or size to obtain gauge
  • 3 Bobbins (optional)


In Sc - 3 1/2 stitches and 4 rows = 1"
Each Strip = 5" x 66"


CA=Color A
CB=Color B
CC=Color C
CD=Color D
sc=single crochet
sl st=slip stitch
yo=yarn over

Entire afghan is worked in single crochet.
color key

chart for color changes


Starting at narrow edge with CA, ch 19 to measure 5 inches.
Row 1 (Right side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across--18 sc. Ch 1, turn.
Row 2: Sc in each sc across to within last sc; draw up a lp in last sc, drop CA, with CB yo and draw through both lps on hook--sc color change made. Always change color this way. Fasten off. Ch 1, turn.
Row 3: Sc in each sc across. Ch 1, turn.
Row 4: Sc in each sc across working sc color change to CC in last sc. Continue in pat changing colors as follows:
Rows 5-8: Work in sc with CC changing color to CB at end of 4th row.
Rows 9 and 10: Work in sc with CB changing color to CA at end of 2nd row.
Rows 11 and 12: Work in sc. At end of Row 12, fasten off.
Rows 1-12 of chart are completed.

Wind 2 bobbins of CD and 1 bobbin of CC (optional).

Note: When working with CC or CD, always work over CB (background color) to conceal it and place it in position for next sc worked with CB.

Row 13: With CB sc in next 2 sc, changing to CD on 2nd sc, drop CB to wrong side of work; working over the CB strand to conceal it, with CD sc in next 2 sc changing to CB on 2nd sc, with CB sc in next 4 sc changing to CC on 4th sc, with CC and working over CB strand as before, sc in next 2 sc changing to CB on 2nd sc, with CB sc in next 4 sc changing to CD on 4th sc, with CD sc in next 2 sc changing to CB on 2nd sc, with CB sc in next 2 sc. Ch 1 turn.

Row 14: Starting with Row 14 of chart and working over CB as before, follow chart until Row 42 has been completed.

Repeat Rows 1-42, 5 times more, then rep Rows 1-12 once more. Fasten off.

SECOND STRIP (Make 4): Work as for the First Strip until Row 12 has been completed. Wind 2 bobbins of CC and 1 bobbin of CD. Starting with Row 13 of chart, work as for First Strip working the first and third diamonds with CC and the center diamond with CD.

Being careful to match stripes, sew Strips together lengthwise, alternating First and Second Strips.

BORDER: With right side facing attach CD to outer edge, ch 1.

Rnd 1: Sc closely around entire outer edge working 3 sc in each corner. Sl st to beg sc to join.
Rnds 2-5: Ch 1, sc in each sc around working 3 sc in each corner sc. Join. At end of last rnd, TURN.
Next Rnd: Sl st in each sc around. Join. Fasten off.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these instructions. We cannot be responsible, however, for variances in individual techniques, human errors or typographical mistakes.