CYC tries yarn banners

This month, Montana and I had the chance to play with yarn banners on fancy branches, Tassle makers and banners.

Material we used:

1 Skiens of Red Heart Grande

2 Skeins of Wool Ease Thick and Quick


Hefty Tree Branch



The same basic principles we used in macrame can be seen here in the creation of this yarn banner.

Montana tied the strands of yarn using the same knot from our Macrame project you can see the technique here.


After each strand was tied she went rough and cut the ends of the banner to shape it, and voila, a completed yarn banner. Easy, right?


Tassle Banner

The best Part of making a Tassel banner was playing with Clover's Tassel Makers.



Using scrap yarn we had left over, Monana and I made 58 tassels and hung them at diffrent lengths along a wooden dowel.