Happy Place With Solip DIY

Alyssa Ki of Solip DIY works in event management by day and is a weaver and freelance photographer by night. She lives in New Jersey, where she sells her weavings and also does commissions of her wonderfully whimsical work. She has a self-proclaimed "all-consuming" love for beads, yarn and DIY, and loves the outdoors - something you might notice in her work. 

Without further ado, we are happy to share with you Solip DIY's Happy Place!



What system do you use to organize your yarn? 

I have a system, but it's not a consistent one. Most of my yarn is stored in plastic bins on shelves. Those bins are organized either by brand or by 'kind'. If I have enough yarn from one shop (for example, Purl Soho) all those yarns exist in one bin, regardless of type. Then, I have a bin of flamme cotton, another of single ply bulky etc, yarns that are similar but not of the same brand.


What furniture/storage systems do you use to organize your yarn? 

My craft room is basically the second bedroom in my two bedroom place. It's small and full to the brim, but mighty. The main storage are plastic bins on two shelving units. I'm also a photographer, so I have a corner desk for my photography equipment that has been run over with macrame string and cord. I also have some rolling plastic bins full of silk and velvet ribbons near by weaving table and a stand originally used I think for retail that I have balls of yarn on. There are also baskets everywhere.


How do you like to de-stash? 

I donate constantly! I've also been to a couple yarn swaps, I would love to start/join a regular group that meets IRL for people who love yarn. NJ/NYC people, email me!



More often than not, what colors are always in your office/yarn corner?

Pinks, blues, greens. Dusty and pastel colors. The occasional rust/jewel colors, but you won't find too many blacks/really dark tones.


Do you like to work in the same space where your yarn is stored? Why or why not?

Yes. I'm lucky enough to be able to dedicate a whole room for my work. I like having the access because as a weaver I use so many different kinds of yarn all in one piece. Plus, as chaotic at the collection is, it makes me happy to look at.


When you are working on a project, do you have a specific spot you put it when you aren't working on it, or does it follow you around beyond your space?

It stays in my room, because otherwise my partner would put it right back in the room. Most of my current pieces sit on my weaving desk. If I have an unfinished piece on a loom that I want to revisit at a later date, I just try to find a space where it can fit.


Was the majority of your yarn bought with a project idea in mind?

No --- all the yarn are yarn I can imagine using in my work, but I don't usually purchase with an exact piece in mind.



Do you or have you ever found it difficult to manage/organize your yarn?

Yes, because I have too much of it.


How did you find an organization system that works for you?

Hmmmm, my current system works for me, because I know where everything is. But it's not perfect and really, it only makes sense to me. The room has definitely evolved from when I first started utilizing it as my weaving room. I go through every bin constantly for my work but about once every six months I dump everything unto the floor and start all over.


How important is a well-organized yarn corner/office to your mental wellbeing?

I would say knowing where all my yarn is located is important to my mental wellbeing -- well-organized doesn't equal clean/tidy to me, I just need to know where I can find the skein I'm looking for.



Where did you purchase everything shown in the photos you submitted?

Ikea, Target, FB Marketplace. Homegoods.


Share any tips or advice you have for someone who is trying to reorganize their stash.

Create a system that works for your brain! It doesn't have to be perfect, or totally make sense. Just make sure you have a walkway so you can move around with any obstacles.


Share any current projects or promotions.

Nothing specific, just making art!



And there you have it - Solip DIY’s best tips for storing yarn. Check out our next Happy Place post for yarn storage thoughts from someone else!


All photos courtesy of Alyssa Ki.