How to tap into the online knit/crochet community

If you are a part of the online yarn community, you know following the right bloggers and makers can be a huge advantage while growing your skills as a knitter or crocheter. Having the support of experienced knitters and crocheters can help provide you with inspiration, new skills, and help you get past problems you may encounter while crafting.

So how do you get plugged into this community? Here are 5 easy steps! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook this month to learn more about each step!


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Start by following 3-5 knit/crochet bloggers and check in on what they are doing daily.

Knit/Crochet Bloggers make it their job to provide you with inspiration, patterns, and other educational resources. Start following a handful of Makers/bloggers who create content that inspires you. Just by tuning into their pages on a regular basis, you will find other makers within the community.

Instagram Tip* Use the “Suggestions for you” feature on Instagram by visiting your favorite maker’s account and clicking the down arrow on the top of the page. Here you can find other makers doing something similar to the blogger you follow.



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Listen to Podcasts

If you find yourself taking long car rides or sitting at a desk all day, podcasts might be a great option for you. Tune into some of the yarn centered podcasts to learn more about the crafts, the community, and individual makers within the community


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Start sharing your work on social media using relevant hashtags.

Your content doesn't have to be professional blogger quality, but as you start to share your WIPS (work in progress), other knitters and crocheters will find you and it will be that much easier for you to find them.


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Join a private Facebook group.

Facebook groups like “Maker Strong” are created to help build a safe space for members of the community to converse, ask questions, and offer advice or insight!


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Tune into Live streams

Many bloggers/makers go live on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social channels. On this platform you will often find open forum Q&As, panel discussions, and open discussions on different topics relevant to the yarn community.