More yarn, more problems: The best Ikea storage items

Working on multiple knit or crochet projects is fun, but where do you store your WIPs when you aren’t working on them, and keep track of all those extra balls of yarn, which can easily get tangled and out of control? That’s why we’re here to help you get your knit together and find easy, stylish ways to store your projects and yarn supplies.

Ikea is a wondrous place filled with cute, classy and trendy furniture. While most people go there to shop for sofas or wardrobes, the store also offers plenty of storage options, ranging from baskets to ottomans. The best part is that these pieces double as the perfect yarn companion.

If you were on Instagram last week, you may have seen that we took a little trip to our local Ikea to scope out the latest home decor and furniture items that double as yarn and project storage. Read on for our favorite hassle-free options for you to keep track of your yarn and say goodbye to the days of yarn-induced headaches.

#1. Besta box - $10

#2. Plumsa laundry bag - $10.99

#3. Eket cabinet - $15

#4. Fladis basket - $19.99

#5. Eket cabinet with door - $35

#6. Kvistbro storage table - $49.99

#7. Risatorp utility cart - $59.99

#8. Algot frame with mesh baskets - $119

#9. Storage table - $69

#10. Stocksund bench - $229

Did your favorite piece not make the list? Don’t worry - here are the rest of the things we found on our Ikea adventure!