Pompom-Along Day 1: How to make a pompom


So you know how to make a basic pompom, but where do you go from there? Are there ways to make different patterns and can you only use one type of yarn? The Craft Yarn Council is here to answer all your pompom questions and show you fun ways to make pompoms and even design your own.


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Pompom Along Schedule:

Day 1: Basic pompom

Day 2: Alternating colors

Day 3: Different yarn weights

Day 4: Shaping your pompom

Day 5: Designing your own pompom


Now, read on to learn the best tips and tricks for making a basic pompom!


Making your pompom:

One of the easiest ways to make a pompom is to use a pompom maker. Boye and Clover both sell easy-to-use pompom makers that allow you to make pompoms in a variety of yarn weights and patterns. Check out these tutorial videos:


How to use a Boye Pom Pom Maker:


How to use a Clover Pom Pom Maker:


Tips and tricks:

  • Achieving different levels of fullness:

    • The fullness of your pompom depends on how much you wrap your yarn around your pompom maker. As seen in this picture, the arch of the pompom maker helps indicate how full your pompom will be - the smaller the arch the fuller the pompom, and vice versa.



  • The felting needle:

    • Felting needles are a yarn crafter’s best friend. When making pompoms, these handy tools help you define and refine your pompom. They’re especially helpful when making pompoms with patterns because they separate different yarn colors and better distinguish the pattern. Check out this video to find out how to use a felting needle


  • Choosing your scissors:

    • Different scissors do different things when making pompoms. Check out this video to see all the different scissors that can help in your pompom-making journey: regular household scissors, midsize scissors and precision scissors.


There are also DIY methods for making pompoms. Check out these tutorials from the Heart, Hook, Home blog to find out how you can use a fork, cardboard and even your own fingers to make pompoms!

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