Pompom-Along Day 3: Pompoms vs. Yarn Weights


Yarn comes in all different thicknesses, or weights. Whether you’re using a pompom maker or a DIY method, you can use whatever weight you want. Different weights guarantee different results and levels of fullness. Fullness is also based on how much you wrap your yarn. Below, we describe the standard yarn weight system and show you what the same size pompom looks like using different weights.

Yarn Weights2.PNG

The standard yarn weight system goes from a range of 0-7, with size 0 (or lace yarn) being the smallest weight (or thickness) and size 7 being the largest weight. The weight you use for your pompom will depend on how thick or full you want your pompom to be. The fullness can also be affected by how many times you wrap the yarn around the pompom maker.


Coral Red Heart Soft= Worsted weight (4)

Teal Bernat Roving =Bulky (5)

Softee chunky yellow = Bulky (5)

Bernat Blanket Yarn blanket= Super Bulky (6)

Lion Brand wool ease thick and quick= Super Bulky (6)

Red Heart Grande Light blue=jumbo (7)

The above picture shows what several different yarn weights look like using the same size pompom maker. From l. to r., the first pompom was made with Red Heart Soft yarn, a size 4 (or worsted weight) yarn. The second pompom was made with Bernat Roving yarn, a size 5 (or bulky yarn). The yellow pompom was made with Bernat Softee Chunky yarn, also a size 5. The fourth pompom was made with Bernat blanket yarn in size 6 (or super bulky yarn). The last pompom was made with Red Heart Grande, a size 7 yarn.