Pompom-Along Day 4: Shaping Pompoms


When you make a pompom it naturally comes out in the shape of a circle. But did you know that it’s easy to shape your pompom into something else? All you need is a vision, a pair of scissors and you’re good to go! Read on for fun tutorials and tips on how to shape your pompoms!

Tip #1. If you’re just looking to make pompoms into basic shapes, stop by the We Are Knitters blog to learn how to make different shapes!

Tip #2. Check out the Mr. Printables blog to learn how to make delicious-looking fruit pompoms. Whether you want to make a strawberry or a lemon, you’ll find it here!

Tip #3. Make heart-shaped pompoms for that special someone or turn them into a garland for a cute decoration with help from the Party Pieces blog!

Tip #4. Animal pompoms are cute AND cuddly! Try one of these fun tutorials, also from Mr. Printables’ blog!

Tip #5. Throw a pompom party under the sea with these Lion Brand Yarn pompom sea creatures!

Tip #6. For a more advanced animal pompom, try making this pompom dog from the Pom Maker blog! You can also check out their Instagram, which has a lot of great pompom pictures!

Tip #7. With Halloween right around the corner, try this pompom candy corn tutorial for a great party decoration!

Tip #8. Get festive with these cute and easy pompom Christmas trees from the LoveKnitting blog!

Tip #9. Get your nature on with these simple pinecone pompoms from Resurrection Fern!

Tip #10. Prepare for Easter (you have plenty of time!) with these cute and colorful pompom Easter eggs from The Country Chic Cottage!