Stitch Away Stress Interview with Betsan Corkhill

It’s finally April and guess what that means? It’s Stitch Away Stress month! For the next few weeks we’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to use yarn crafts to bust stress and relax. We’ll also be sharing interviews and quotes from people in different walks of life about how knit or crochet have helped them get through stressful situations and get back to feeling happier and healthier.

Our first interview is with Betsan Corkhill, a clinically-trained physiotherapist and well-being coach who has pioneered the burgeoning field of therapeutic knitting since 2005. She’s an author and founder of Stitchlinks, a global support network for the therapeutic benefits of knitting. Warm Up America!’s executive director, Mary Colucci, interviewed Corkhill to ask her about how yarn crafts improve health.

Watch the video below to hear what Corkhill has to say about the crossover between yarn crafts and wellness!