Yarn for your Buck

I Love Yarn Day is almost here and we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of the day. Yarn is great but it can also be expensive. Digging into your yarn stash is always an option, but what if that new project pattern calls for more yarn than you can afford? This month we talked to some of your favorite makers, including Stephanie from @allaboutami, Jess from @makeanddocrew, Alexandra from @twoofwands and Kelly from @knitbrooks to bring you seven ways to get the most yarn for your buck!

Tip #1.  Buy in bulk

A great way to make sure your yarn collection is well stashed is to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk, especially during sales, saves you from an extra trip to the yarn store when you start new projects and ensures that you always have plenty of yarn.

Tip #2. Wait for a sale

The one word that always brings happiness is “sale.” Buying yarn when it’s on sale helps you get more bang for your buck and allows you to buy more than you originally thought you could. To keep up with the latest sales and discounts, follow your favorite yarn brands and shops on social media and make sure to sign up for their newsletters too so the deals go straight to your inbox.

Tip #3. Consider wholesale

If you’re starting a project that requires multiple (as in a lot) skeins of the same yarn or you use a particular yarn often, you might consider buying yarn wholesale. Before buying a lot of yarn from a wholesaler, try out a small amount first to make sure that you like it. Most wholesalers require you to buy a minimum amount and always make sure that all the yarn you purchase is the same dye lot number. Check out this handy eBay guide to figure out if wholesaling is for you.

Tip #4. Host a yarn swap with friends

Yarn is fun enough on its own. But when you add friends to the mix? It becomes a party! Host a yarn swap with your friends and you just may find that perfect yarn you need for your next project, and vice versa.

Tip #5. Buy online

We live in an age where you can buy almost anything online. The same goes for yarn - whether it’s a major yarn retailer, independent shop, or Amazon, there are so many ways to get your yarn online and save time and gas.

Tip #6. Take advantage of holiday sales

The holidays are the perfect time to take advantage of sales on yarn. Whether it’s Black Friday or the holiday season in general, several yarn retailers and independent yarn shops feature reduced prices on an array of items, including your favorite yarn. Many retailers, yarn suppliers and independent yarn shops also have sales around I Love Yarn Day.

Tip #7. Think outside the box

There are a lot of things you can do with yarn. If a pattern calls for a specific type of yarn that you happen to be out of, you can try to use what you do have to make it work. Doubling up on thinner yarn in place of thicker yarn or using inexpensive fibers helps you get more bang for your buck and allows you to be smart with your yarn.