YDKWYDK: How to block your projects

Hey everyone! Michele Costa from Stitch & Hustle here to get your feet (and garments) wet with an introduction to blocking.

I hope this video and tutorial will help you get on the way to letting your stitches settle and getting the shape and drape you want out of your creations.

You can find more on the Stitch & Hustle Blog here and enter the HUGE giveaway to win all you need to start blocking from Eucalan & Knitter’s Pride.



About Michele

Michele Costa is the dreamer, maker and lead designer for 144 Stitches and founder of the blog Stitch & Hustle, for the maker community.

Born and raised in NYC, Michele has loved all things yarn since she was a child. After a successful career in television production, Michele turned her attention to her fiber love and launched 144 Stitches, designing and creating modern crochet and knitwear and has worked extensively in the fiber industry for nearly ten years. Before working with Stunning Stringt o develop an exclusive Learn To Knit & Learn To Crochet Class Program, Michele has worked with fiber companies suchas Red Heart, Manos del Uruguay, Knitter's Pride, We AreKnitters, Universal Yarn, Lion Brand Yarn, Wool And The Gang, and many others to design works for them as well as had her designs in well-known industry magazines.

Her grandparents who, as immigrants, instilled in her a love for working hard and bringingdreams to reality, mostly inspire Michele. Her designs are inspired by her love of travel and architecture and the names of her designs often give those sources away as she pays homage to the places she has been and people she has met on this journey.

In 2017, Michele launched Stitch Up Events, promoting diversity and inclusion in the fiber arts community. Michele believes it is her true calling to be a community builder and share her love for fiber arts. As she says, fiber arts is our common thread. She spends her time working hard to build safe spaces for fiber enthusiasts to gather and create together, building a diverse community one stitch at a time.