Crochet Edgings

Single Crochet & Rochet

Crocheted edges are often used to add body to a piece, to prevent it from rolling, and to add a decorative touch.

Single Crochet

Single crochet is commonly used for edging. Always work the initial row with the right everse Single Crside of your work facing you, unless otherwise specified. Work 3 stitches into corner stitches.

diagram 1

Reverse Single Crochet

This stitch, which is tricky to master, produces an attractive cording. It's worked with the right side of the fabric facing you but in the opposite direction in which you would normally work (right handers work left to right). Pay attention to the direction in which the crochet hook points.

Beginning at the opposite end from where you'd normally start, right side facing you and one loop on the crochet hook, insert the hook head downward into the first stitch. Draw up one loop yarn through the stitch for two loops on the hook.
diagram 2

Now turn the head of the hook facing downward, wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through the two loops on the hook. You have completed one reverse single crochet. Continue across the row.
diagram 3

© Reprinted with permission from Craft Yarn Council of America's Certified Instructors Program