Tunic Pattern question #2

I tried to reply to the answer on my previous posting but it didn't let me, it said it had to be reviewed or something? I waited one day to see if it would be posted but hasn't happened. Sorry I am making a new post.

I have one more question now that I am looking again at the pattern I am to do next:

Est patt:
Set-up Row: P14, *place marker (pm), p19, pm, p5; rep from * across for 2 (2, 3, 3) times more, pm, p19, pm, p14.
Row 1 (RS): K14 for St st, *Body Pat Row 2 over 19 sts, k5 for St st; rep from * across, ending Body Pat Row 2 over 19 sts, k14 for St st.
Row 2: Purl across.
Row 3: Dec 1 st each edge, cont in est pat across.
Cont est patt, dec 1 st each edge every 8th (16th, 8th, 16th) row for 10 (5, 10, 5) times more – 97 (107, 121, 131) sts.
Work even until 20” from beg, ending WS.

It says to continue the est patt but decreasing. Please correct me:

in row 3 I would decrease, then K12 (since decreasing requires 2 stitches), then continue with the pattern of row 1.
then row 4 would be like row 2
row 5 like row1
row 6 like row2
row 7 like row1
row 8 like row2
row 9 like row 1
row 10 like row 2
row 11 like row 3 (time to decrease)
and so forth

would it be this way?

And then (just checking I am right) would just be the normal knit 14 because we are in the RS, right?: k14 for St st