Confused by pattern instructions. Help!

I’m currently working on Ian’s 8-Quarter Cap by Kate McDaniel and I’m so confused as to what the designer is saying in regards to knitting the brim.

I have 110 sts on circular needles and am ready to begin the brim. Instructions are as follows:

Folded Hem and Brim Shaping:
Using beginning of round marker as a center
guide, slip 30 (33, 36) stitches onto a holder and
leave for later. (Center these slipped stitches at the
front of the hat ie 15 on one side of the marker and
15 from the other)

What is she saying about centering the slipped stitches? Was I suppose to stop knitting 16 sts before the end of the last row and slip those sts along with 17 sts after the beginning marker? (I’m making the medium size) or just slip 33 sts after the beginning maker and place a maker in the middle of those slipped stitches?
I don’t know…I just might be over thinking this.