Old member returning

Hi All,
I have been gone from this site for over 8 years or so and am excited to be back after many life changes, my love of knitting not being one of them! The site has changed so I will be re-learning my way around but hope it is still as useful and fun as ever. I am currently knitting for my soon to arrive grandchild so that has been fun and exciting. I am knitting a sweater that I am not happy with, I have knit for years but have not done much garment knitting and this pattern calls for a lot of 'pick up and knit' and more seam sewing than I care for as somewhat of a beginner to garment knitting. Does any have a simple beginners 0 - 6 month sweater pattern (don't know if the baby is a boy or girl yet, the parents want to be surprised) Raglan sleeves are fine, knit mostly in one piece seems easier....

Also wondering if any of you who have been around for a decade or more might remember me from those days back when I was seamac or seamac8 and pretty active in this forum?

Thanks in advance for any pattern ideas.