Picking up stitches without circulars

Posted by: cloudymoor (IP Logged)
Date: October 09, 2009 04:47PM

I don't have circular needles and have to add a turtleneck to my sweater. The instructions call for circulars but my mom said you can get around this. She picks up by NOT sewing the second shoulder seam and just using her regular straight needles. Obviously she has to do this in two sections and sew the seam up the back, but I'm not sure how to proceed in the most effective way (she's away right now so I can't ask her!). I've gotten the front left shoulder and left front picked up and I'm wondering if I can just go back and forth at this point and worry about picking up the second half (right side and back) later on.

I hope I've made sense of this. I know people adore circulars and will probably get them at some point but I'd really like to know how to do this with straight needles and thanks in advance!!