Help, please. Coats and Clark pattern, WR1561 Crochet Holly Stocking

I was happily crocheting along until I hit a snag in understanding a portion of the instructions. First I will list the portion of instructions I am having difficulty with (where do I start at this junction of the pattern; and in what direction am I to go on the heel and/or foot portion?), and then the link to find the complete pattern. I need to finish this before Christmas Eve, so any help is very much appreciated.

"FOOT: With right side facing, skip first 10 sc of heel, join CB in next sc; ch 1, sc in last 10 sc of heel, skip row ends of heel, [dec over next 2 sc of leg] twice, sc in next 14 sc, [dec] twice, skip row ends of heel, sc in rem 10 sc of heel; turn –38 sc. Continue in sc, dec 1 st each end of every 6th row twice – 34 sts. Work even until foot measures 5" from last row of heel, end wrong side row, changing to CC. Cut CB."

Thank you, thank you so very much for any and all help!