Coats & Clark Pattern translation assistance

I would be grateful for any assistance in translating a pattern from the coats and clark "Knitting made Easy" book 0102. I am a beginner in knitting and have already completed a small portion of the pattern starting with the back of this sweater pullover. I am at the stage where I need to increase the fabric. I understand the abreviations listed but fail to understand the direction or "Logic" behind the abreviations. The pattern instructions are as follows: (increase): Rib 2(4-6-5-7-9), *inc in next st. Rib 3: rep from* to last 3(5-7-6-8-10) sts. inc in next st, rib to end 86(90-94-102-106-110) sts. changing to larger needles after this to commence the pattern. I started with 69 stitches for the ribbing by K1,P1,K1 until I have a 2-1.2" rib measurement. I have assumed (probably incorrectly) that the 69 represented at the front of the following set of numbers 69(73-83-87-91) refers to the size of the garment I am working. which I would logically conclude that my increase should be to 86 stitches as indicated in the following set of numbers 86(90-94-102-106-110) However, it is the remaining portion of this thread where I fail to underrstand. Am I supposed to rib 2 stiches and increase in the next stich 3? repeating that pattern until I get to the last 3 stiches? and then increase the next stich and then rib to the end of my stitches on that needle?