showl - ssk abbreviations

I'm knitting a showl and the instructions call for ssk for the corner decrease...However, the abbreviation chart says to slip, slip as to purl...then you knit the two ....I thought it was slip, slip as to knit and then knit the two together...Can't find anything where ssk is mentioned with both as to purl ...
KT did answer in the knit forum and I'm so grateful...

However, I wrote to the lady that did the Showl Pattern and her response was:

"The usual way to slip a stitch in knitting is as if to purl with the yarn in back. Usually the pattern will assume that you are going to slip as to purl UNLESS the pattern tells you to slip as to KNIT. Since you started to do the slip as to KNIT - continue to do it this way because consistency is more important than being a slave to the directions as long as the same objective is achieved and that is to decrease the stitches that need to be reduced to miter the corner on this item"

Now I'm really confused !!! I am going to continue the way I started but if anyone can clear this up I would so appreciate it...My brain hurts !!!
Thanks , Chali