Sweater neck shaping

Hello everyone! I am knitting a sweater for my boyfriend and am having a little bit of trouble with the neck shaping instructions. Here are the instructions for the row I am having the most trouble with: Purl. Bind off rem 14 sts. With RS of work facing, sl next 30 sts from spare needle on a st holder. Join MC to rem sts and proceed as foll: Sl 1 K1 psso, k to end of row. Where my trouble is is at the end of the 14 sts I need to bind off, I don't understand how to finish the bind off at the end of the row, then join with my sts in the middle of the row without cutting the yarn. Is cutting unavoidable? The pattern is from Better Home and Gardens Knitted Gifts book.

Thank you in advance for any advice and input!